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MTH 5 WEEK Strength, Stability & Cardiovascular Workout Program

Winter season and tryouts are quickly approaching and many of you may still be active on the ice or playing other sports. We have put a simple workout plan together for all our MTH athletes. This program will help increase your overall strength, stability and cardiovascular fitness. We challenge you to take our MTH fitness test at the start of your program and then again at the end. This test will be used in some of our teams off-ice workouts, August training camps and next year's tryouts for our 2023 Spring Season. Reasons why hockey players need strength and stability: 1: Strength means bigger muscles which will help protect joints and soft tissue from injury. 2: It makes you stronger on the puck. 3: It helps you establish position against opponents away from the puck. 4: It helps you take ice during battles. 5: Allows you to have greater consistency to compete in battles. 6: Leg and stability strength is the first step to improving leg power and explosiveness. 7: Gives you overall positive confidence. Reasons why hockey players need cardiovascular training: Cardiovascular training for hockey involves developing your aerobic and anaerobic fitness. 1: Aerobic fitness is measured by your VO2 Max, which is associated with higher rates of recovery between shifts and games. 2: Anaerobic fitness is important for hockey because hockey is predominantly an anaerobic game with 45-50 second shifts, bursts of speed, lateral shifts and battles for the puck involving body contact.

“If you only ever give 90% in training then you will only ever give 90% when it matters.”

– Michael Owen


Equipment needed: * Cones * Speed Ladder * 20-30 Meters open space * Workout Bands/ Light Weights * Chin-Up Bar

Technique: Warm up 50-75% intensity Work outs 75-100% intensity Testing 100% intensity

General Warm-Up: Purpose: Increase muscle temperature by slowly elevating the heart. Movements: * Repeat jog 50% x 2 minutes * Hip swings x 1 minute * High Knees x 1 minute * Butt Kicks x 1 minute * Carioca x 1 minute

MTH Run Purpose: Increase aerobic and anaerobic fitness. A1: Shuttle run that covers 50 meters 2 times. From the starting line, sprint to the opposite line, back, down again and back. Rest 2 minutes and repeat 3 times. Record each rep times in seconds. 1st: ____ 2nd: ____ 3rd:______

Cool Down Sequence Purpose: Learn to control breathing and regulate muscle temperature. A1: Breathing Sequence (Lay on back, Knees up, Inhale through nose 1,2,3 > Breathe out 3,2,1 x 15-20 Reps) A2: Cat/Camel 10-15 reps A3: Downward Dog w/ Knees Bent 10-15 reps A4: Child's Pose (Forehead on hands) rock hips right to left > hold for any time


Program: Week 1 - 5 Day 1: Monday General Warm-up A1: Feet Elevated Push-Ups 10-12 Reps 4 Sets A2: Air Squat Holds 30 Seconds 4 Sets A3: Yoga Toe Touches 10-12 Reps 4 Sets B1: Reverse Lunge w/Front Arm Raise 10-12 Reps 4 Sets B2: Hollow Rocks 10-12 Reps 4 Sets B3: Reverse Banded Flys 10-12 Reps 4 Sets C1: Eccentric Pull-Up 10-12 Reps 4 Sets C2: Front Plank Lateral Walk 30 Seconds 4 Sets C3: Bird Dog Holds 15 Seconds Ea 4 Sets Burnout: 50 Meter Sprint →Walk back 2 Reps 4 Sets (90 Second Rest Between Sets) Cool Down Sequence

“Hard work is the price we must pay for success. You can accomplish anything if you’re willing to pay the price”.

- Vince Lombardi


Day 2: Wednesday General Warmup A1: Single Arm Plank Hold 30 Seconds Ea 4 Sets A2: Banded Face Pull Holds 15 Seconds 4 Sets A3: Push-Up to Plank Hold 15 w/ 2 second Hold 4 Sets B1: Banded Squat 10-12 Reps 4 Sets B2: Standard Box Jump 10 Reps 4 Sets B3: Split Stance Hold 20 Seconds Ea 4 Sets C1: Supermans 10-12 Reps 4 Sets C2: Dead Bugs 10-12 Reps 4 Sets C3: Side Plank 10-12 Reps 4 Sets

Burnout: Push Up Circuit 1: Wide 10 Reps 2: Narrow 10 Reps 3: Off Set 5 Ea 4: Yoga Push Up 10 Reps 5: Spider Man 5 Front ,5 Back 3 Sets w/ 1 minute rest between sets Cool Down Sequence

“You just can’t beat the person who never gives up.” -Babe Ruth


Day 3: Friday 100 Meter Track Workout General Warmup A1: 100 Meter Sprint > 10 push ups > 10 burpees > 10 sit ups (Rest 1 minute) (Repeat X5)

(Rest 5 minutes) A2: 50 Meter Sprint > 10 yoga push ups > 30 second front plank > 10 crunches (Rest 1 minute) (Repeat X5) (Rest 5 minutes) A3: 200 Meter Sprint > Walk Back (Repeat X3) (Rest 5 minutes) Cool Down: 5 Minute light jog Cool Down Sequence

“It’s not the will to win that matters – everyone has that. It’s the will to prepare to win that matters.”

-Paul “Bear” Bryant


MTH Self-Administered Test Name: _______________________________________________________________________ MTH RUN: Record in seconds: 1st: __________ 2nd __________ 3rd __________ PUSH UP TEST Number of push ups in 60 seconds: ___________ SIT UP TEST Number of sit-ups in 60 seconds: ___________

PLANK TEST Pass: 90 Seconds

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