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Questions: Goal #9 What offensive zone entry is being used for the Sharks to score? Goal #7 The Flames are attacking a middle lane drive offensive zone entry. What did #13 Gaudreau do to allow the middle lane drive to work and make open ice for his other two linemates?

Goal #5 What skating move does Crosby use to separate himself from the Sharks defender before making a cross-ice pass?

Goal #4 What forecheck is being used by Colorado that forced Arizona to turn the puck over to Mackinnon? Secondly, what did Arizona's left defenceman do wrong that created a 2 -on-1 for Colorado?

Answer Key: Goal #9 Middle Lane Drive Goal #7 High Wall Delay, to allow his other forwards to enter the zone with speed, drive the net and open up the middle of the ice for a pass.

Goal #5 Mohawk

Goal #4 A) 1 - 2 - 2 B) Was outside the dots, in the corner giving up the middle of the ice and his net. Correction the Left defenceman should have stayed between the dots, protecting his net on the breakout.

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