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Week of April 25th - May 2nd


What a week of creativity from some of our MTH Club players! It was great to see all the different types of social media posts from our club's #MTHDreamGoal challenge!

Recap from this week’s workouts, the focus was pushed towards eccentric movements. The purpose of teaching this was to show our players that it’s not always about how fast or hard you skate but, how it can be important to slow things down especially when we learn to let the play develop. I found that many of the players understood what was taught throughout our movements!

This week’s focus is “Goal Setting” our workouts will be designed for players to complete as many reps as possible throughout our training circuits. Items needed: Speed ladder, Stick, Ball, Puck, Pylon, and dangler.

Homework: (This is not mandatory but, a part of our development program)

Attached is a Goal Setting Sheet:

Objective –

1- Choose 3 Goals that each player would like to achieve on an individual level.

2- Deadline to achieve June 1st

Updates and Reminders:


This week's workouts

Monday, April 26th, U7/U8 - 530PM Meeting ID Tuesday, April 27th, U10/U9 - 630PM Meeting ID Wednesday, April 28th, Girls - 530PM Meeting ID 1- This is our last week of this month’s online workout plans. I have decided to keep the players engaged and continue our online workouts as a team until we hear any new updates as to the reopening of Ontario. 2- Workout plans will follow the same schedule as they did in April (Monday, Tuesday,

and Wednesdays) May Monthly Membership Fee: * If you have overpaid for April, monies will be applied to May * 1- Membership Fee for the month of May will be $40 – Etransfer to 2- Covers all online workouts, yoga, workshops. 3- * In the event that we return to play additional costs will then resume, these costs will cover ice time, tournament fees, MTH expenses. Event Reminder: Team gear pick up is scheduled for Saturday, May 8th between 10 am-4 pm at D&R Apparel located at 1701 Provincial Rd, Windsor, ON N8W 5V7 Tournaments: London Rising Stars – 2011,2012,2013,2014 – * No Changes scheduled for May 28th-30th * Brantford Prospects – 2011/12 Girls - * Changed to May 28th – 30th * Oakville Prospects – 2011,2012 - * No changes scheduled for June 3rd-5th* Toronto Brick/Rose – 2011,2012,2013 - * Changed to July 25th, 28th – Aug 1st *

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