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Week of May 3rd-May 9th - Mommy This One Is For You!


This week's online training theme is "Mommy I Love You"

In the spirit of Mother's Day, players will pay close attention to detail as we work through a fast upbeat cardio speed ladder and stick handling circuit.

Items needed:

Speed Ladder



Individual player homework: Do something each day to make mom smile:). I will give the players some ideas such as, draw a picture, pick some flowers, wash your hands, clean your room, put your clothes away, etc... Dads, maybe you can help out too. Event Reminder: Team gear pick up is scheduled for Saturday, May 8th between 10 am-4 pm at D&R Apparel located at 1701 Provincial Rd, Windsor, ON N8W 5V7 May Monthly Membership Fee: * If you have overpaid for April, monies will be applied to May 1- Membership Fee for the month of May will be $40 – Etransfer to 2- Covers all online workouts, yoga, workshops. 3- * In the event that we return to play additional costs will then resume, these costs will cover ice time, tournament fees, MTH expenses. Online Workouts This week's workouts

Monday, May 3rd, U7/U8 - 530PM

Tuesday, May 4th U10/U9 - 630PM

Wednesday, May 5th, Girls - 530PM

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